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For the FINNAMOREs descended from Isaac and Susan of New Brunswick circa 1831-1901

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The chart below was generated by Excel from the spreadsheet document in which I have been collating all of the genealogical data as I find it. Notes:

Color Key: Bea's Bible WAUGH PANB LDS FamilySearch (inferrence) 2 or more agreeing sources        
Generation Name Other name Spelling Relation b. date b. place m. date m. place d. date d. place occupation misc. misc. 2
6 Charles e, (a) before 1818           carpenter worked in Fredericton
6 Elizabeth e, (a)            
5 Isaac e, a Son B3 1831 Fredericton, NB     04 Feb. 1901 Woodstock, NB may have been a "joiner" (carpenter/cabinet maker) residing on Presbyterian Row in Fredericton in 1865
5 Sarah WHITE Susan WHITE e, a   USA        
(5) Richard Henry e, a (Son B3)         08 Jul. 1927 York Co., NB may have been a farmer in St. Mary's, York Co. in 1871.  Had son Charles in Marysville 1873
5 Sarah Elizabeth WELSH a            
5 William e, a Son B3 28 Mar 1834   10 Jul 1860       may have been a "joiner" (carpenter/cabinet maker) residing on Presbyterian Row in Fredericton in 1865
5 Margaret Abigail CARR e     10 Jul 1860       William and Abigail had son George Ellsworth, daughter Ada, sons Albert Theodore M., Aurthur in Fredericton 1874-1882
5 George e (Son B3) 6 Oct 1836           Birth dates for George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann & Alexander from Wilmot United Church Records, Fredericton, NB
5 Elizabeth e (Daughter B3) 17 Sept 1837   15 Nov 1853 Fredericton, NB    
5 Roderick ROSS n/a     15 Nov 1853 Fredericton, NB     shoemaker; Residing St. Mary's, York Co., NB in 1861, 3 children at that time (Cencus data)
5 Mary Ann e, 1n 28 Aug 1844   2 Jan 1870      
5 John CAMERON n/a     2 Jan 1870       Resided St. Mary's when married
5 Alexander e 1 Jul 1849          
4 Charles William e, a, a Son B6 (01 Sep) 1856 Calais, ME, USA   Fredericton, NB 25 Nov. 1939 Carleton Co. Resided Hawkshaw, NB Had son Charles Agustus 1885, daughters Edith Jane 1887, Susan Emma 1893
4 Sarah Melissa LAWSON       Fredericton, NB     (went by Melissa and Sarah) Edith Jane born in Barony, York Co.
4 Martha Elizabeth a Daughter B6 22 Apr 1859   n/a n/a 22 Jan 1886 Pokiok, NB
4 Roderick Ross e, e, a Son B6 1867   12 Dec 1894 Carleton Co. 09 Mar. 1944 Carleton Co. Had son Ernest R. in Waterville, CA Co., 1899
4 Isabella (E.?) WHITE e, e     12 Dec 1894 Carleton Co. (17 Nov. 1934) (Carleton Co.)
4 James e, a Son B6 1869           died young
4 John Henry e, a Son B6 26 Apr 1874 Fredericton, NB 29 Sep 1898 Carleton Co. Jan. 1947 Mpls, MN
4 Fannie McCRAE Fannie Elizabeth, T. e, a Nov. 1875 Woodstock, NB 29 Sep 1898   10 Dec. 1919 Mpls, MN d/o John & Susan McCRAE John resided in Waterville, Carleton Co., NB at time of marriage.
4 Emma Jane e, a Daughter B6 (13 June 1871)   n/a n/a 2 Feb 1889 Woodstock, NB
? James a             relationship not known but resided in Fredericton
? Elizabeth COWARD             Had daughter Ada Gertrude 1896
? John a             relationship not known but resided in Marysville
? Ida WEADE/WADE             Had children Effie 1883, William Percy 1889