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~ Bill Dillon, Bible teacher, New Tribes Mission

Theological miscellany
by David Finnamore

Then Judas went out and hanged himself. Go thou and do likewise. And what thou doest, do quickly.

A top reason for misinterpreting Scripture is failure to consider context. It's a fatal error, yet so easily avoided. Reading the whole passage in which a "verse" of Scripture is found takes no special training, and very little time or effort. Most false doctrine relies on a smattering of phrases and fragments culled from various passages (sometimes only one!). We wouldn't think of treating any other book that way. The Bible, above all books, commands our respect. Don't even start to think about what a "verse" means until you've read the whole passage it's part of. Or I'm comin' over there with a rope.


The Spiritual Power
of Music

Does music invite and repel spirits, good and evil, to and from our spirits? An examination of all Scripture passages that attribute spiritual power to music.

Come Unto Me, All...

All of whom? An examination of Matthew chapter 11, questioning the view that unregenerate man has the ability to come to Jesus. Don't make me get the rope.

Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus

Connecting the dots in John chapter 3.

The Direction of God's Wrath

Toward what or whom does God direct His wrath? The answer of Scripture reveals some big surprises.

Magical Criticism

A rebuttal of Hank Hanegraaff's article Magical Apologetics, in which he dismissed the Bible Code phenomenon as a charismatic fad.

Christian Truth and Middle-earth Myth

Is The Lord of the Rings a dangerous book? Does it promote witchcraft? Was Tolkien a Christian?

The Seven Days of History

Could the seven days of creation serve as a template for world history?

Bible Study

These are teacher's notes from past lessons in my Sunday School class, which I teach about every 3rd or 4th Week. They may be considered public domain, excepting, of course, for any copyrighted materials they may contain.

~The Doctrine of Scripture~


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David J. Finnamore
Antioch, TN