Explorations of Unusual Musical Tunings

David J. Finnamore


  1. Methods of Scale Computation
  2. Reference
    1. Cents to MIDI Pitchbend Units Conversion Charts
    2. The Orderly Filling of the Pitch Continuum with Ratios
    3. Defects in Equal Temperaments relative to Just Intonation (bar chart)
  3. Good book for newbies: Harmonic Experience, by Walter Mathieu. Also check out the online discussion group The Alternate Tunings Mailing List. Other good books:
    1. Tuning In: Microtonality, Alternate Scales And Temperaments For Electronic Musical Instruments by Scott Wilkinson
    2. Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale by William A. Sethares

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Copyright 2003 by David J. Finnamore
All rights reserved.