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Levels for DooM, DooM II, PrBoom, and ZDoom.

ZIPs, screenshots, and all the gory details.

  • Custom graphics for download - Free wall textures! Give your wads a new look.
  • How To Make Custom Graphics for DooM - Step-by-step instructions from initial art work to wad lump.
  • The Art of Custom DooM Graphics - How to make textures look better.
  • Single-patch List - If you use tricks of the DooM engine in your level designs, you might find that you need to know which textures are multi-patch and which are single. Some tricks take advantage of middle textures on 2-sided line defs; multi-patch textures will give HOM if used that way. It's handy to have a list of all the factory single-patch textures in Doom II for quick reference.
MUSIC Traded in my gun fer this here gittar

Tunage with a Doomish feel. MP3 · MID · MUS


sector map Wad Design

As I play, I sometimes get ideas about how to make better DooM WADs. Sometimes they come to me kind of out of the blue, sometimes I collect them from what others have done well. My Thoughts On Wad Design is a running collection of these random ideas, and may be updated from time to time (last update 29 Jan 2002). You may view it online or download it as zipped plain text (2k).

The DooM Game Editor book + CD-ROM is a good place to start learning how if you've never done it before. The CD-ROM includes software for editing wads.


B E L C H!!! Uh, excuse me. Favorite DooM Links

David J. Finnamore
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Latest update 13 October 2005.

DooM, DooM II, DooM3, Ultimate DooM, and Quake are registered trademarks of id software. Graphics adapted from DooM™. Like you couldn't tell. Exceptions: 1) the guitar is a Carvin™ DC727, 2) the level map is a portion of one of my wads as viewed in Wintex.